In Memory Of

June, 2023  David Wilson  (Donated by Susan Hall for the Class of 1970 )

February 2022  Myrtle Carpenter (Donated by Stephen & Donna Maxwell)

February 2022  Myrtle Carpenter (Donated by Scott & Katherine Schellhammer)

January 2022  Donna Erlewine (Donated by Butch & Susan Hall)

November 2021  Maude Lockard (Donated by Donna Jordan)

September 2021  Virginia Morris Jones (Donated by Calhoun County High School Class of 1962)

April 2021  Dane Whipkey (Donated by Larry & Phyllis Harvey)

March 2021  Wilda Barton (Donated by John & Carol Wolfe)

January 2021  Cicily Ullum (Donated by Charlene & Louis Sepulveda)

December 2020  Cicily Ullum (Donated by Alice Ullum)

December 2020  Cicily Ullum (Donated by Butch & Susan Hall)

December 2020  Cicily Ullum (Donated by Joan Jackson & Ken Jarrett)

April 2020  Sandra Yeager and Nancy Grasselli (Donated by Starr Reynolds)

April 2020  Sandra Yeager  (Donated by Regina & Dickie Ash)

November 2019  Tom Krugman and Wally Wilson  (Donated by sister/granny)

November 2019 Edna Jarvis  (Donated by Dick Jarvis)

November 2019 Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Linda C. Wilsman)

October 2019   Thomas Carlton “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Knotts Memorial United Methodist Church)

October 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Susan & Stanley Hall)

October 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Charlene & Louis Sepulveda)

October 2019 Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by the Lab and Xray Departments at Minnie Hamilton Health System)

October 2019  Edna Jarvis  (Donated by Dick Jarvis)

October 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  ( Donated by Shephan Easterday)

October 2019 Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Gary Siegrist)

September 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Anna Sites & Tanya Bailey)

September 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Robin Easterday-Booker)

September 2019  Thomas “Tom” Ullum  (Donated by Susan Alloway)

April 2019  Missy Oshoway (Donated by Sue & John Oshoway)

December 2018  Norman Krugman (Donated by his daughter)

October 2018  Missy Oshoway (Donated by Sue & John Oshoway)

August 2018  Joyce Morgan (Donated by Barbara & Jackie Goodman)

July 2018   Joyce Morgan (Donated by Susie Wood)

October 2017   Charles Simmers (Donated  by VFW Auxiliary Post 5959)


                      Beloved Pets:

December 2019  Sophie Lyn  (Donated by G. Krugman)

December 2018  Sammy Joe, Rat, Foxy Roo Roo  (Donated by G.Krugman)


WAG wishes to thank you for your donations in memory of loved ones.