Funding Partners



The McDonough Foundation started with one goal in mind, “To improve the communities within West Virginia.”  We strive to find creative ways to achieve our goal by supporting the nonprofits across the state.

We only accept requests from organizations in West Virginia and Washington County, Ohio with our main focus being the Mid-Ohio Valley area.

Exceptions are grantees whose services extend to the residents of West Virginia and Washington Co., Ohio, but whose location may be just outside the primary geographical area.

Grants will be made primarily in the area of Social Welfare along with Health & Medical and shall be tax-exempt organizations as designated under IRS Code, primarily 501(c)3.

  1. Social Welfare shall be those organizations whose primary function is to serve the general welfare requirements of people whose circumstances in life require that they receive financial or social aid to improve their quality of life.
  2. Health & Medical shall be the support of hospitals, clinics and other health related charities.


The Oakland Foundation

The Oakland Foundation grants are available for West Virginia and northern Vermont tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in the areas of social services, the arts, education, the environment, health and historic preservation, with emphasis on social services.  Grants are not made to individuals, capital campaigns, for emergency or deficit funding, or for administrative or startup costs.

Please note that The Oakland Foundation is a small family foundation and receives requests totaling four to five times the amount available for distribution.

The Oakland Foundation

PO Box 3680

Parkersburg, WV  26103



Parkersburg Area Community Foundation from the Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund

The Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund provides support for humane societies in West Virginia, with particular emphasis on supporting the needs of new humane societies.  In the past, grants have been made from this fund to support projects such as humane education programs, shelter construction and renovation, and the purchase of equipment.

Education is needed for our community to realize animal overpopulation is an important issue even for those who don’t own pets.  The Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund assists us in providing education for youth in the form of fun activities and supplies (coloring sheets, bookmarks, stickers) to raise their awareness of basic pet care and health information.  Their funding also provides brochures for adults to increase their awareness of pet diseases and to stress the importance of vaccinations in prevention.

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Thanks to the West Virginia Department of Agriculture for their funding support for WAG’S Spay/Neuter programs.