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Cash or check: All donations to WAG are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Please mail donations to Welfare of Animals Group, c/o Linda Buchanan-Treasurer, 1011 Crest View Drive, Creston, WV 26141. If you would like to have a donation letter for your taxes, please include a request note including your name and address for mailing.

We acknowledge all donors on our SUPPORTERS page. Thank you for supporting healthy pet practices for our area.

If your donation is in memory of a loved one or  beloved pet, please indicate this so we can post their name to our Memory Page.

Dry cat food donations can be left at the Calhoun County Library  in Grantsville, WV.  If you would like to have your donations shipped to us please contact us at  Thank you.


Kroger Community Rewards

WAG can earn cash rewards from the Kroger Community Rewards program when supporters assign their rewards to us and shop at Kroger stores in the Mid-Atlantic region, comprised of West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

If you do not have a Kroger rewards card (which gives you discounts on purchases made in the store and earns you cents off per gallon of gas purchased at Kroger pumps), you can pick one up at the office of any Kroger store for free.

Assign your Kroger Rewards to WAG by calling the toll-free number 1-800-576-4377 and pressing 3 when your options are listed. Give the Help Desk person your Kroger Rewards Card number off the back of your Kroger Rewards card if you scan at the checkout, or your phone number if you use that as your alternate id when you check out.

They will pull up your account and verity it is you through your account address on file.

Give them either our NPO number of TT675 or our name Welfare of Animals Group, and they will assign your community rewards to us.

Each time you make a Kroger purchase and swipe your card or enter your phone number as your alternate id, WAG will receive a percentage credit, and once a quarter Kroger will send WAG a check for all the accumulated credits we have.

Thank you!! Please share the signup info with family and friends in WV, Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky…and we will receive the rewards from anyone you know who shops at Kroger in all those states.


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