The Welfare of Animals Group (WAG) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in operation in Calhoun County, WV  since September, 2015. Our programs include:

  1. A spay/neuter program for low-income Calhoun County residents’ pets,
  2. Healthy pet care education in our county schools and for the community,
  3. A feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return program.

Our organization is run totally by volunteers.

Since May 2016, WAG has booked  over 600 cats and dogs to be spayed/neutered (200+ of these were feral cats).


WAG Meeting

Thursday, July 18th  at 6:00 pm
Calhoun County Library, Grantsville


WAG Meeting

Thursday, August 1st at 6:00 pm
Calhoun County Library, Grantsville

                        * please note time change for WAG meetings





The Welfare of Animals Group-WAG would like to recognize and give a big thank you to Calhoun County Girl Scout Daisy Troop 38205!  These young ladies collected cat and dog food to donate to WAG for hungry cats and dogs in Calhoun County.  We so appreciate your help.


THANK YOU: to all our wonderful bakers who have made baked goods  and to the community for coming out and supporting our fund raisers!



                                            WAG Visitors: